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Damages of Drifting to a Car

Damages of Drifting to a Car

Although drifting is a very exciting situation for many drivers, drifting has damages to the vehicle. Especially drifting frequently or making various mistakes during its construction will create significant damages on the vehicle.

Effects on Tires

For the question of what is the harm of drifting, first of all, the tires come to the fore. Drift obviously shortens the service life of tires. The tires produce too much friction and heat during drift, causing them to wear quickly. The smoke coming out of the wheels while drifting is essentially an indicator of the wear of this tire. For a more economical use, it will be useful to change the positions of the front and rear tires over time.

Effects on the Engine

Too much pressure and heat occurs on the engine at the time of drifting. Much more pressure will be placed on the suspension, especially when cornering at high speeds. In this case, the service life of the suspension spring will be shortened significantly. During drift, the clutch will also wear out as it is necessary to press the clutch too much and pull it suddenly.

Effects on Turbo

This situation, which is valid for vehicles with turbo feature, may result in turbo explosion. Since it may be necessary to use turbo during drift, excessive and frequent use of the turbo creates an intense pressure on the turbo mechanism and may cause it to explode. Although this situation does not occur in every vehicle, it is likely to be seen.

Effect on Vehicle Structure

While drifting, there is a tremendous backward swing and the power to recover this skidding at the front, so various wear may occur on the chassis or skeleton of the vehicle over time. It is a point that should not be neglected among the damages of drifting to the car. In addition, since the control can easily come out of the driver during drifting, it is highly likely that the vehicle will be damaged as a result of a crash. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who are not competent to drift.

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