How Does Tire Pressure Affect the Car?

How Does Tire Pressure Affect the Car?

When the tire pressure is not adjusted correctly, it can cause serious damage to vehicles. The tires used by each vehicle vary according to the brand and model of the vehicle, and the ideal pressure values ​​are also specified. Pressures below or above this pose a risk to both safety and the current state of the vehicle.

Lastik Basıncının Önemi Nedir?

Although the tire pressure ratio is not considered very important by the drivers, it is an issue that should be paid attention to in terms of driving. First of all, tire pressure directly affects the life of the tire and is also important for driving. The ideal tire pressure settings are determined according to the model of each vehicle and are usually found in the fuel tank cap.

Since the tire is the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road, it has properties that directly affect the vehicle’s handling. Low or unnecessary tire pressure will prevent the tread from contacting the road. In this case, too, the vehicle will have worse handling. At low tire pressure, the edges of the tire will touch the road, while at high pressure, only the middle part will touch. This situation restricts the maneuvering area and also has an effect on the stance. The braking distance of vehicles with low or high pressure also increases.

Another important issue with tire pressure is its effect on fuel consumption. Tires with low or high pressure can cause more fuel consumption because the vehicle’s contact with the road is reduced, so more brake and throttle control will be required by the driver to stay on the road.

Finally, since comfort is an important factor, wheels with low or high pressure affect the comfort negatively. Low pressure will make you feel even the smallest stone or pit on the road, while high pressure will cause the vehicle to bounce too much.

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