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How to Drift in Gta 5?

    Drifting in Gta 5, which is still among the most beautiful games for many players with its scenario, graphics and music, causes quite fun moments. Different methods must be tried to drift in Gta 5.

Steps to Drift in Gta 5

    Basically, players can try two methods to drift in Gta 5. First of all, in Gta 5, vehicles are modeled differently from each other and the speed characteristics of each vehicle vary. In this respect, Gta 5 producers have done a successful job. It is easier to drift with vehicles that can reach high speeds in the game as in reality. Therefore, it is necessary to find a car to drift first. You can start drifting with one of the sports looking vehicles.

    The first method is one that does not require any mods. In order to drift in this way, it is necessary to press the handbrake regularly after choosing the right vehicle. While turning to a high speed vehicle, it should be brought to the ideal angle and the hand brake should be pressed. Then, the normal brake should also be pressed, if the normal brake is not pressed while pressing the handbrake while turning, then the vehicle will spin. In the meantime, after pressing the brake momentarily, the gas must be pressed and the steering wheel must be turned in the opposite direction of the vehicle sliding. Especially if this method is tried at every street entrance in the game, it will become more practical. However, doing this method in races within the game can cause a waste of time.

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Another Gta 5 drifting method is provided by various modes. This mode directly adjusts the vehicles so that they can drift and the vehicle starts to drift automatically without the need to make adjustments such as brake, gas, hand brake. The mod named Gta5dr!ft provides easy drifting.

  Meanwhile, in the Gta 5, the tires can become completely unusable as a result of excessive wear of the tires.

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